LatchKey Photography has been based out of Eastern Washington since 2008, though we have clients scattered all over the United States.  We are a lifestyle photography company that specializes in empowering youth though dynamic imagery. We're out to prove that each High School Senior is already authentic + remarkable.  

UNLOCK LIFE. unlock you.

(Family photography and Wedding photography available on a limited basis each year.)

Addicted to photography & design, the KEY in LatchKey Photography is Keely. 

Thanks to being a radio DJ in another life, Keely loves MOST music especially classic jazz, but also has a soft spot for classic country, though Old School hip-hop and R&B certainly takes her soul back as well.  She loves a good movie, especially anything Tolkien and Star Wars related, or of course WonderWoman!  

Keely's a critter mom to one Catahoula Hound, one Chesapeake Bay Retriever, one Puguini (pronounced: "pug-weenie" aka a pug-dacshund mix), various livestock, a handful of koi one & one enormous, high-maintenance orange tabby.  She loves her country life, not far from the rest of the bustle of town, which allows her & her entire 2-4 legged (and finned) family the room they need to just be them.

When not shooting or designing, Keely relishes yoga, reading, and coaching today's youth. All her life, she's been fascinated with driving tractors, growing things in the soil, and baseball - thanks to her Grandpas.  She still has a love affair with crayons. Campfires & bistro lights rank high on Keely's list of favorites. But above all she is fiercely loyal to her husband & their daughter. She values her family's legacy and relishes being in each moment with them since that's what makes hers a truly happy life!  

                                                                Portrait courtesy of Darin Warnick

                                                                Portrait courtesy of Darin Warnick