pre-shoot questionnaire

BEFORE your session...

Okay so your LKP Senior session is on the books, now what?

Prior to shooting with LatchKey, it's important we get a few details dialed in so you walk away with THE most incredible results.  But in order to make this happen we need YOUR help.

The info we need from you only takes a few minutes to gather.  The LKP Pre-Session Questionnaire will help us capture a clear vision of who you are, and helps us best enhance your experience as we're shooting.  Does that make more sense?

Great! You'll find the Pre-Session Questionnaire when you CLICK HERE.

In addition to the Pre-Session Questionnaire, we'll need to plan out the nuts & bolts of what to expect and what to wear. Our LKP SENIORS Magazine was designed for the purpose of making this process easier, especially in the wardrobe department!

Once you've selected your wardrobe we need to pow wow about it, so we can decide if outfit A, B, or C will be best for setting 1, 2, or 3.  This is done via a quick phone convo a couple days before your shoot, which will give you time to pick up any last minute odds & ends we may discover you'll need, such as accessories, shoes, a fresh mani/pedi, etc.  

(Ladies, as for nails, they photograph best with a neutral shade on your fingers -- again, think Ballet Slippers by Essie.  You can always have a little more fun with your toes! 😉)

Basically you bring YOU in all your glory, and we bring-out your texture & dynamics as icing on the cake!  ...Ours is a thoroughly rewarding responsibility, but we need your help.  We're talking teamwork at its finest, baby!   So, complete your Pre-Session Questionnaire ASAP and we'll talk wardrobe soon.  

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